Apart from diapers, you mean? Even then, that's questionable since we do use sanitary napkins...which...erm, some kids liken to a nappy. I know of one mother who actually said it was a nappy to her kids! I was like....argh, eugh, gross...but she took it in her stride, raising her eyebrows asking, "What do YOU suggest I tell them?"

I don't know...but I told my son that it was none of his business and if he ever dares to touch those...erm, stuff or take it out of the room, I will personally see that his PC game privileges are taken away from him. And he refuses to look into my personal drawer after that.

Must read brittanya razavi

I am no clothes-horse in person and it was only a couple of hours ago that my aunt in Dubai called me to tell me that I was sloppy. In my personal opinion, I am 'carelessly casual'. Hey, can you blame me for being so when I work at home and have to consider changing in and out of clothes often because there's pee, poo, spit, vomit...and what-have-you-nots on them. I do have to take care of my kids, you know! Donald Trump is, unfortunately, out of my league and he's not my father, so, I have to take care of the kids and work at home at the same time, ok?

And since I work at home, is there a point to dress up in coats and skirts....what, to please my computer?

Anyway, in my personal opinion, there are several things that women shouldn't wear, under ANY circumstance.

ONE, pigtails. I used to have long hair and whenever I had to perform one of those 'ah-sam' (women who have to perform lots of house chores) work, I would tie pigtails. Now I don't. Why? Well, one of my cousins once asked me if I was trying to behave, act and look like a maid. If I walked side-by-side with my maid, they'd think I was the maid cause even my maid does not wear pigtails.

TWO, overcoats. In this friggin' weather?? Come on. But even if I was living in a very cold country, I would only wear an overcoat if someone threatened to shave my eyebrows off, ok?

THREE, checkered red and black skirts. ....and look like I was wearing a kilt? Come on. Besides, Kilts are for Scottish MEN, mind you, not sensible women.



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